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Looking for classic car parts? Here you will find everything you need to know!

If you are in possession of a classic car, or if you sometimes tinker with it, you will undoubtedly need parts. However, buying classic car parts is often underestimated. With all the resources and channels available today, this can sometimes cause confusion. In order to provide you as a classic car enthusiast with the best possible service, E&R Classics has created a genuine classic car parts environment. On this page we provide a detailed explanation of the world of classic car parts and everything that comes with it.

When do you buy classic car parts?

Parts for your beloved classic, which are of course very important to keep your proud possession in top condition. Just like a new car, a classic car also needs to be properly maintained. Of course it depends on how intensively and in what way you use your classic. Are you using it for a short drive or are you going to drive rallies with it? Does the classic have to perform and be able to drive fast or do you go for a quiet tour with a club a few times a year? These are all things to keep in mind when looking for classic car parts.

Where can I find classic car spare parts?

Classic car enthusiasts often enjoy scouring trade fairs looking for that missing part. In this case, there are numerous classic car events and fairs where, in addition to viewing beautiful classics, you can also buy new and second-hand parts. But it can also just happen that you want to drive this weekend and that a part has just broken. At such times you will often start looking for parts online. Nowadays there are numerous web shops with specialists who focus entirely on old-timers in totality.

How much do classic car parts cost?

The price of classic car parts can vary widely. For example, do you have a Volkswagen Beetle where millions have been made or do you drive an exclusive Austin Healey. You can imagine that parts for a VW Beetle are much easier to obtain and therefore have a different price than the parts for an Austin Healey. When ordering classic car parts online, you can easily compare various providers and assess them on price-quality ratio. If you opt for second-hand classic car parts with minor signs of wear, this can also make a difference in the price.

What type of classic car parts are available?

No classic car brand is the same. Some classics are technically less complex than others. Examples of parts can include gaskets, brake discs, brake pads, water pump, radiator and more. You can also think of optical parts such as decorative strips, mirrors, bumpers and, for example, windows. Then there is a difference in brand-specific parts or universal parts. Think, for example, of universal fuel systems, certain lamps or other things.

For which brands of classic cars are parts available?

Parts are available for every brand of classic car. From exclusive brands such as the Jaguar E Type, Austin Healey or Rolls Royce to parts for a Mini, VW Beetle, MGB or Triumph Spitfire. Given the great popularity of the classic car hobby, parts are available for all brands and types. With all the web shops out there today, ordering classic car parts is becoming easier and easier.

How do I buy parts for my classic car?

Buying parts can be done in different ways: on site at a classic car specialist, at a fair or during an event. The advantage of this is that you can ask questions about the products on the spot and negotiate the price. In most cases, the purchase of parts nowadays takes place online. You can easily filter by brand and type of classic car and the parts you need in a web shop for classic car parts. You can do research from home, compare specialists and then have the parts delivered to your home.

Can I replace parts of my classic car myself?

Tinkering with classic cars is often a big part of the hobby. There are even some enthusiasts who carry out complete restorations themselves. However, not everyone is equally handy, which is why it is good to consider in advance whether you can replace the parts yourself or if you outsource this to a specialist. Often there are numerous instruction videos and articles online about performing minor maintenance such as replacing oil or a new light. For more complicated jobs such as replacing brake discs, it is often better to have a specialist do it.

New or second-hand classic car parts

When buying classic car parts you sometimes have the choice between new or used parts. Consumable parts such as hoses, gaskets and rubbers are often new. For example, if you are looking for a reconditioned gearbox for your British Classic car, you will often end up with second-hand classic car parts, simply because no new classic car parts of certain brands are made anymore. When buying second-hand parts, always inquire carefully about their history. Used parts can often be just as good as new parts, as long as they are not damaged.

Parts for American, European or British classics

In addition to different brands and types of classics, there is also a big difference in parts, whether it is an American, European or English Classic Car. Some countries simply have a lesser reputation for quality than others. And also keep in mind that different units of measurement per country are used. For example, some brands measure with Inches and others with Centimeters. It can happen that you order parts that are not suitable for your tools.

Are you ready to order classic car parts?

At E&R Classics we do everything we can to maintain the classic car hobby as well as possible. We therefore hope that after reading this information you are fully aware of everything that has to do with classic car parts.

Overview of various classic car parts specialists

Below we have made an overview of the most common classic car brands. When you click on one of the brand logos, you will be taken to a page with all the information about parts of this brand and associated types. We also introduce you to a number of providers who are fully specialized in the relevant brand.