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Classic car clubs

What is a classic car club?

A classic car club or community is a group of people who share the same passion for classic cars of a particular make or model. Classic car clubs are often run by volunteers who are members of the club and have a passion for a particular make or model or way of driving. Think of driving rallies, traveling abroad or even driving off-road.

For decades classic car clubs have ensured that people with a passion and love for classic cars are united. Often these people have a passion for a certain brand or type that they like to share with others. The main purpose of a classic car club is to get together and have fun with fellow classic car enthusiasts.

Where classic car clubs used to mainly come together physically, more and more classic car communities are now being formed online.

Advantages of a classic car club

Many classic car clubs charge a membership fee in exchange for various extras such as events and club magazines. These publications often contain photos, information from and about other members, advice on service and parts, items and vehicles for sale. They also give members the opportunity to work on their network at organized events, which in turn entails various advantages.

Classic car clubs organize meetings (meets) that often welcome interested guests. Furthermore, classic car clubs also participate in various activities such as classic rallies and shows.

Different types of classic car clubs

If you buy a classic car and want to join a classic car club, you have several options. You can choose to join a general classic car club. This is a club where classic cars of all makes are welcome. In that case you do not need to have a specific classic car for a specific club.

There are also classic car clubs that focus on a collection of brands, for example an classic car club that focuses specifically on people with an English or American classic car. The most common classic car clubs are those that focus on a specific brand such as the MG Car Club, Austin Healey Owners Club or Jaguar Daimler Club.

There are also classic car clubs that go one step further and really focus on a particular model. Think of the Ford Mustang Club, Fiat 500 Club or Citroën 2CV Club.