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Insure your classic car

You have bought your classic car and now you want to insure it. Or perhaps you want to switch your classic car insurance? It may be quite difficult to choose the right classic car insurance, your classic car is very valuable and it must therefore be well insured. Not just the fee is important, but also the degree of coverage and conditions. You have the option to provide your classic car with various coverage options such as; a statutory liability coverage, limited casco coverage or full coverage. The conditions and fees for such insurances may vary by insurer, so it pays to compare insurance companies. Are you looking for an insurance company to insure your recently purchased MG, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Triumph or other classic car, then you can contact the specialists (specialized in the insurance of classic cars).

Of course, this applies not only to classic cars, but also to youngtimers and sports cars. The youngtimer insurance and the insurance for sports cars differ from the classic car insurance, so it is advisable to compare the insurance companies. Often the insurer asks for a valuation report, so it is wise to have your classic car, youngtimer or sports car appraised.