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Insure your classic car

What is classic car insurance?

With the term classic car, everyone imagines a certain car, but what exactly does the term classic car mean? A car is given the term classic car if it is older than 30 years. Once a car is classified as a classic car, this brings a number of advantages, including classic car insurance.

In most cases, the best insurance for your classic car is a cheap insurance with the best conditions, or the best price/quality ratio with good and fair conditions.

Compare classic car insurance

There are several parties that offer classic car insurance, which can vary from very large parties to smaller parties. It is wise to compare relevant insurance policies before taking out one. There are often significant premium differences between the different insurers. The conditions can also vary considerably from one insurance company to another. It is of course a shame to pay too much, and comparing often only takes a few minutes of your time. You can save a lot on your premium with this.

Choose a comparator and fill in the details of your classic car. Then compare the different premiums and conditions. If there is one that meets your needs, you can often easily take out classic car insurance online.

An example of a site on which you can compare classic car insurance policies is for example:

What does a classic car insurance cost?

Just like with normal car insurance, you also have different price segments with classic cars. No matter how expensive your classic car is, in addition to the purchase price, there are a number of other aspects that can determine in which price segment your classic car ends up. Think of other aspects that you have to take into account such as maintenance, storage and fuel.

There are various characteristics on which the premium of the classic car car insurance is based. The most important two are the appraised value and the age of the classic car. In most cases, the premium increases with a higher value. In some cases you pay a fixed premium.

If we look at the age of a vehicle, it means that the older your classic car is, the lower the premium.

Making a classic car insurance contract

Making a classic car insurance contract is very easy and accessible to everyone. You can easily do this online, by telephone or at the insurer's location.

When you make a classic car insurance contract, the insurance company will take into account a number of points, such as the area where you live, whether you have been suspended or expelled, the number of claim-free years you have built up, whether you have always paid all bills on time and whether you have not had a driving license or criminal record.

In most cases, applying for classic car insurance is arranged in no time and accessible to everyone.

Rules for insuring a classic car

The conditions and rules are available per insurer. Some examples of rules that apply to almost every insurance company are:

- You must own another car that you use as a daily car.

- The car you use every day must be insured with the same insurance company.

- There is a minimum and maximum age for the car.

- A maximum number of kilometers per year may be driven with the car.

- There is a maximum appraisal value.

- You must ensure proper protection and security of your classic car.

It is also possible to take out classic car insurance with a storage clause. If that is the case, you must be able to demonstrate that your classic car is stored in a closed space between sunset and sunrise. This can lead to a lower premium.

It is therefore not sufficient to park your classic car in a parking garage that is also accessible to other people. Placing the classic car under a carport or behind a fence is also not sufficient. These requirements differ per insurer, product, type and the value of the vehicle. It is therefore important to discuss this with your insurer if you think you will qualify for this.

Some reliable insurance companies in England and the US that also offer classic car insurance are: Moneysupermarket, Admiral, Footman James, Lancaster, AXA, Adrian Flux, Carole Nash, Autoline and Swinton.