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What is a classic car tour?

Who doesn't like going on vacation and traveling around. The advantage of a classic car tour is that you have all the freedom to go where you want and you can also fill in your entire trip  yourself. What makes a road trip even more fun is to do it with a special car, such as a classic car for example.

Making a classic car trip is a unique experience for many car enthusiasts. You are going to make a road trip with your own classic car or a classic car that you have rented, which you can often put together yourself. One wants to drive along the Italian coast in a classic Alfa Romeo and the other prefers to go into the mountains in a classic Mercedes-Benz. The great thing about a classic car trip is that you can decide for yourself what your route will look like and you can choose to make this trip alone or with friends.

When do you take a classic car tour?

If you have a passion for classic cars and you like to travel in your classic car, you can combine this with a holiday abroad. This can of course be done by yourself, but also with friends and family. Because how nice is it to enjoy the classic car hobby together during a wonderful journey. The great thing is that you can often put together your own trip and thus tailor all aspects of the trip to your wishes.

What does a classic car tour cost?

Prices of an organized classic car tours vary per travel company. The number of days, the route, the place to stay and the car with which you want to make the trip play a role in determining the price. There is always a classic car trip that matches your wishes and budget. Therefore, orientate well and also compare the different options that classic car travel companies offer.

Compile your own classic car road trip

In addition to driving an organized trip, you can also choose to map out your route yourself. You also save on costs because you only pay for your overnight stays and food and drinks. You therefore have the freedom to determine when you leave, for example if the weather forecast is good. You don't have to take anything into account and you can put together the perfect road trip for you.

Online classic car routes

If you have trouble plotting a route when you are putting together your own classic car journey, there are now countless routes to be found online. These routes are often composed or recommended by other enthusiasts. A description is often added to these routes with everything there is to see and do along the way. This way you retain the freedom to do everything at your own pace and not be tied to an organized trip, but you do get inspiration for determining the route.

What should I pay attention to during a classic car road trip?

If you don't own a classic car, that doesn't mean you can't go on a classic car trip. There are various providers where you can book a trip including transport. Costs for renting a classic car differ per rental company. When renting, pay attention to the conditions and always read the fine print.

Before departure, find out what you may encounter along the way so that you are not faced with surprises. During the journey you can enjoy the beautiful roads and the fantastic sound of the classic car in the background.

Who offers classic car tours?

There are various organizations that offer classic car trips, from large travel organizations to smaller parties that specialize in traveling with classic cars.

Some examples of travel companies in England that offer classic car trips are: