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Porsche 912E

Porsche 912E classic

Model year 1976, Porsche introduced the 912E (internal factory designation 923) in North America, which shared the "G-Series" bodywork with that of the 911S.
The Prototyp Museum in Hamburg, Germany, has a 912E pre-series vehicle, built using a 911 and 4-cylinder VW-Porsche 90HP 2.0L Type 4 similar to the late 2.0L 914/4. Once in production, the 912E was powered by an 86 hp 2.0L Volkswagen air-cooled engine, refined with a Bosch L-Jetronic injection system.
The 912E occupied the entry-level position through the discontinuation of the 914, while the new 924 was completed in production. During the production run from May 1975 - July 1976, Porsche manufactured nearly 2,100 units of the 912E, aimed at the US market.

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