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Lian Balemans

My name is Lian Balemans, I am responsible for the transport to and from the customer. When classic cars are sold, I am the one who goes to the customer to deliver his or her dream car. I also collect them from customers when classic cars and young-timers are purchased.

I attended the Horticultural School, after which I worked in the field at a company specialized in frozen vegetables. After that I supervised events for a long period at an attraction rental company.

My first car was a Datsun 100
My very first car was a Datsun 100 in the colour red. I loved this car and absolutely loved the colour scheme. The Datsun 100 has taken me everywhere and has never let me down. It was a great car!

My dream car is a Mercedes-Benz 450 SL
My absolute dream car is a Mercedes-Benz 450 SL. Anyway, I have a preference for classic Mercedes-Benz models and I think the 450 SL is the best to drive and have the best looks.

Suppose you had to give someone a lift. Who would that be and why?
My grandchildren Benja and Lowen of course! I absolutely love these little ones and every ride we make it a party together.

What is your best car related memory?
My best car related memory is a tour in a Mercedes-Benz CLS. The power of this sports car made such an impression that I will never forget this moment. In addition, I have ridden in numerous classics at ERclassics. From a Jaguar E-Type to an Austin Healey or Mercedes-Benz Pagoda. Every classic car has its own charms and driving characteristics. That's what makes driving a classic car so much fun.

What makes a working day at E&R Classics so much fun for you?
The best part of a working day at E&R Classics is delivering a classic car to a customer. There is nothing better than a big smile on the face of a satisfied customer. If that person also leaves a positive review, I know that I have done my job well. I also visit the most special places. For example, I was able to deliver a beautiful Porsche 356 to a Spanish island and recently a Jaguar MK2 in Italy. You meet the most special people, each with their own story and a passion for vintage cars. Every delivery is a special moment for me.