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Kees Fens

Kees Fens (year of birth: 1964) mechanic


The first car I bought was on my 21st. It was a yellow Ford Taunus from 1975. At the time I got it from my father and restored it when necessary. I loved to work on my car. I often drove to the beach with friends. On the way we played the song 'yellow submarine' of the Beatles several times. Since then, that Ford was named after the song and it was 'our' yellow submarine.


I studied retail trade at the MDS in Breda. This education lasted 2 years and after that I wanted to start working right away. And so, I began working at Aldi where I have been company manager for 6 years. After this I started working at a company in Prinsenbeek that sold TVs and radios. My job within this company was salesman and I have worked here for  5 years. After that, I started working at various companies that sent me as a technician throughout the Netherlands for 15 years. For a long time already I have been working at my biggest hobby, classic cars.


My dream car is a Ford Mustang from 1965. I think bright colours fit a Mustang very well. Take a bright green one with a black interior, it is beautiful!