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Kees Fens

My name is Kees Fens, I am an all-round mechanic at ERclassics. In addition to my work as a mechanic, I check our sold classic cars before they go to the customer.

In the past I followed the retail trade course, after which I was a manager at various stores. I also installed warehouse equipment and I was involved in lighting projects.

However, as a child I was always busy tinkering with cars and classic cars. My father had a trucking company and did all the maintenance on his trucks in the evenings. This is where my passion for tinkering actually originated. As a child I always stood next to my father and I helped him by indicating tools and looking for parts. In addition to the maintenance of the trucks, people from the neighborhood often came by for maintenance on their cars.

At a later age I have always continued to tinker with cars, mainly Ford oldtimers. I did all the maintenance on my cars myself, I have never taken a car to the garage. I also often help friends and acquaintances from the Ford old-timer world with the maintenance of their classics.

In the end I was able to turn my hobby into my job and now I have been working at E&R Classics as a mechanic for quite some time now.

My first car was a Ford Taunus Kombi
My very first car was a bright yellow Ford Taunus Kombi. This was a nice car that I drove daily and always maintained it myself.

My dream car is a 1978 Ford Escort
My dream car is my own 1978 Ford Escort in a beautiful bright green colour. I disassembled and technically improved this classic Ford myself. I actually love all classic Fords. I would also like to refurbish a Ford Granada MK1.

Suppose you had to give someone a lift. Who would that be and why?
If I could give anyone a lift, it would be my late mother. This was a wonderful person who has a special place in my heart. I would love to go for another ride with her and exchange nice stories.

What is your best car related memory?
The best car related memories are those in my yellow Ford Taunus. We used to go to the beach in this car until one day the song Yellow Submarine by The Beatles came along. Every time this song came on the radio we sang it out loud!

What makes a working day at E&R Classics so much fun for you?
The atmosphere within the company is especially good. All colleagues get along well and enjoy their work. Furthermore, it is of course great to be working with our beautiful classics every day. Tinkering with vintage cars is always a challenge and every classic needs a different approach. In addition, it is always a party when you can take a test drive in a Ford Mustang or a beautiful Triumph TR6!