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Viktor Klemencic

Viktor Klemenčič (year of birth: 1980) mechanic.


I bought my first car when I was 17 years old. It was a white Chevrolet Caprice from 1977. I bought it in perfect condition and so did not have to do much about it. I thought it was a great car and drove it everywhere. I come from Slovenia and so I bought it over there from a politician from Austria. I have driven the car for 6 years, but had to get rid of it because the fuel was very expensive for me at the time.


I studied in Slovenia as mechanic. I completed this education after 3 years. My father has his own company in the restoration of old motorcycles and classic cars where I started working after school. I have worked for my father for 19 years in the family business where I learned a lot. My mother is Dutch and so I came to The Netherlands to work for a company where I feel at home and where they offer perfect classic cars.


The most beautiful car in my opinion is a Chevrolet Chevelle from 1969. Preferably in a dark color, because I think this fits the car best. I also love it when a car has a big engine.