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Lars van Dongen

Lars van Dongen (year of birth: 1989) buyer and international seller


My first car was a burgundy red Opel Corsa. I was 18 years old when I bought it and was very excited about it. Aside from my first car, there is another memory which I will always remember: my first ride in a classic car. It was a light blue and white Chevrolet Corvette C1 from 1959. It was such a fantastic experience! I loved it and therefore it will always remain my favorite classic car.


In terms of education, I studied retail management at the Florijn College in Breda. In these 4 years of education I have already worked with a lot of cars. I started working after school at a company that sold modern cars and some classic cars as well. My job within this company was salesman. I found out that selling is my passion. I have been working at E & R Classics for many years now as buyer and international seller.


My dream car remains that light blue with white Corvette C1 in which I made my first classic car trip. This car will always be special to me. Preferably a Corvette from 1960 or older.