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Jim van Dalen

Jim van Dalen (year of birth: 1992) administrative assistant.


My very first car was a gray Opel Astra from 2004, bought when I was 23 years old. I went on holidays with it to France and I used it as an everyday car. I went to a showroom and looked for a nice looking car with few kilometers on it and a good price. This was the first and best I encountered.


I studied Business Economics at Avans in Den Bosch for 4 years. I then applied at Van Boekel in Tilburg, but they referred me to E & R Classics where I have been working since 2015. I am the only one within the company who doesn’t have much with cars, but does have with numbers. Besides that, I really like and enjoy working here because of my colleagues and the working atmosphere.


My dream car is a red Ford Mustang from 1966 with a beige interior. Although I do not have much with cars in general, I think this is a very nice car.