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Kai de Ruijter

Kai de Ruijter (year of birth: 1991) mechanic


I only had 4 hours to enjoy my very first car. It is a red Alfa Romeo 75 from 1991 that I had received on my 22nd from my boss at the time. I was of course very happy with it and therefore drove too fast. I bumped into another car and my Alfa Romeo was total loss. That was very unfortunate! I now own 4 cars: a BMW e46 from 2002, a 1977 Volvo 265 that I am restoring together with my girlfriend, a Ford Fiësta 1400 s from 1987 and finally a Seat Ibiza SXi from 1988 .


Enough now about my cars. I studied for 3 years as a first mechanic and technical specialist at the MBO Da Vinci College in Dordrecht. I have worked for 6 years at classic car company Steutel in Almkerk during my study. After my school time I continued to work at this company. I have never cared much for modern cars, because I find the technique much less interesting. I, as mechanic, think that classic car technology is much more fun and challenging. Here at E & R Classics we are working on restoring a wreck to a beautiful roadworthy classic car. That is exactly where the challenge lies for me, from nothing to a beautiful car.

I actually have a lot of dream cars, but I keep it for now at 2. I find a Ford GT 40 from 1960 with the famous Gulf colors really beautiful, but unfortunately I am too big for this and therefore do not fit. A Ferrari Testarossa has my second preference. Of course in red with a black interior!