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Jeroen Rood

Jeroen Rood (year of birth: 1995) international salesman.

I bought my very first car here at E & R Classics when I was 15/16 years old. It is a white Volvo p1800 which I still own today. I bought it here as a wreck and then completely restored it together with my father which took us 3 years. I was very proud when I finally could drive the car myself. I often go on holidays with it.

I studied automotive & nautical business management at IVA in Driebergen. This education took me 2 years and I received my diploma here. I worked as a trainee for 3 years as a cook at ABC in Velp. During my first year of study I did an internship at E & R Classics, which pleased me so much that I continued to work there. I have been working here for many years.

I absolutely love a Maserati 3500 GT. I prefer to see it in dark blue with a red interior.