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1968 Mercedes Benz 280SL

Introduced in 1967 and continuing production through 1971, the 2.8l Mercedes Benz 280SL 1968 was the final version of the W113. The engine was the next stage of evolution for the M130 and a larger bore increased displacement to 2779cc, thus giving the car 180hp and increased torque. It also featured new, flatter wheel covers, as well as less chrome on the instrument panel and door panels, in compliance with new 1968 safety standards. Otherwise, the 1968 280 SL was essentially the same car as its predecessor. Interestingly, most Mercedes Benz 280SL models built for the US markets were equipped with an automatic transmission. Manual transmission 1968 Mercedes Benz SL cars are somewhat rare in the US and are, therefore, sought-after by American classic car collectors. Today, the W113 Pagoda is considered a highly desirable collectors car, and current values suggest that the Mercedes 280 SL is the most desirable of the 3 models.

Looking to purchase a Classic Mercedes?

The 1968 Mercedes roadster 280SL is popular among classic car collectors who prefer owning the last car in the series, which is generally the one that has all the technological advances and power of the line. This is certainly the case with the 280 SL. The 250 SL, being quite a bit more rare, is also popular with collectors who prefer the somewhat stiff suspension and sportier feel of the early classic cars. This Mercedes car also is more stripped down on the interior and does not have many of the plush upgrades of the later models. Then there is the Mercedes Benz 230SL, which is widely available and demands a lower price due to the perception of lower performance from a smaller engine. All 3 models are prone to rust, especially in the floors, trunk and under the doors, however parts including engine, transmission, interior and rust repair panels are readily available for those looking to take on a restoration project.

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