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1959 Mercedes Benz 190SL

Designed as a grand touring car that would be sporty and suitable for long-distance travel, the 190SL was introduced in 1954 and stood in obvious contrast to the 300SL Gullwing that was considered the ultimate sports car of the time. Today, the 1959 Mercedes Benz 190SL and similar year models have become collectible cars in their own right – enjoyed for what they were intended – their beauty and the pleasure of driving them. If you’re looking to buy a 1959 190SL, ER Classics looks forward to help you find the 1959 Mercedes 190SL of your dreams. There are many reasons why European car collectors turn to the 1959 Mercedes roadster. Among them are the car’s exceptional road handling, its powerful 921 and 928 engine that produced 105 hp at 5700rpm, and the availability of replacement aftermarket parts for restoration.

Looking to purchase a Classic Mercedes?

When you’ve decided the 1959 Mercedes Benz 190SL is the car for you, there are a number of items you’ll want to check out before buying. Most 1959 190SL models, will have some rust in the chassis or the body. The specialists at ER Classics, recommend a thorough examination for rust especially in the very important structural areas. 

There were approximately 3949 1959 Mercedes Benz 190SL models produced and approximately 25881 units throughout the production of the 190SL, of which approximately 50% are said to have survived. In comparison to other nameplates, this is a very low number, guarantying its exclusivity and rarity in today’s standards.

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