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1966 Mercedes Benz 230SL

Although having a tough act to follow, the 1966 Mercedes Benz 230SL was a big step forward for Mercedes from its 190 SL predecessor. With its angular look and powered by a 2306 cc, 150-hp OHC inline 6 with mechanical fuel injection, the Mercedes Benz 230SL took the world by storm. Nicknamed the “Pagoda” due to the atypical roofline of the hardtop, which was lower in the middle and higher at the edges, the 1966 230 SL and other year models gave a powerful, luxurious performance without compromising the styling and world-class craftsmanship that Mercedes has become known for. This stellar performance makes the 1966 Mercedes Benz roadster a very usable car even by today’s standards. Aesthetically, there were a few changes that happened in 1965 that also impacted the 1966 SL, including the exhaust manifold being changed from sheet steel to cast iron-exhaust head pipes, the shape of the horn ring changed from round to flattened top, and the gear shift lever was bent forward 55mm.

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The Mercedes Benz 230SL was not an inexpensive car in its day. In the US, the list price of $7500 USD could have easily have purchased a Jaguar E-Type, which was the main competitor during the time. However, the Mercedes 230SL was still a success in the marketplace with approximately 19831 units produced before the arrival of its successor, the Mercedes Benz 250SL, in December 1966. If you’re considering the purchase of a 1966 230 SL, ER Classics looks forward to share their knowledge and expertise with you. Because of the large production numbers of this car, there is generally a good selection available ranging from restoration projects to showroom quality examples.

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