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1964 Mercedes Benz 220SE 111

The 1964 Mercedes Benz 220SE 111 was praised as being the most advanced sedan in the world at the time. The Mercedes 220SE 111 was the first car in the world to be designed with passenger safety in mind. Bela Barenyi (Mercedes safety expert), divided the car into 3 separate parts: a passenger compartment, a soft front and a rear end (crumple zones). This focus on safety was also visible inside the cabin. Passengers were now surrounded by tickly padded dashboards, recessed knobs, and padded window surrounds.

Looking to purchase a Classic Mercedes?

The 1964 Mercedes Benz 220SE 111 is a popular classic car among collectors for a number of reasons. While safety innovation was this cars claim to fame, it was also one of the most popular sedans of its time. More than 66000 units were produced and sold across the world. When youre ready to purchase a 1964 Mercedes Benz 220SE 111, keep a few things in mind. ER Classics encourages you to ensure the chassis and engine numbers are a match, and also recommends purchasing a car thats as complete as possible. Additionally, cars with documents are highly desired.

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