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1967 Mercedes Benz 230SL

The last of the production years for the Mercedes Benz 230SL, the 1967 Mercedes 230SL saw only 185 units roll off the production floor in Germany. The 230 SL, along with its later variants, the 250 SL and the 280 SL, comprised the 3rd generation of the Super Leicht models that began with the Mercedes 300SL in the early 50’s. Although it was intended primarily as a touring car, the Mercedes 230SL achieved modest success in the Liege-Sofia-Liege rally, proving that it had the sporting abilities of its counterparts. With the high performance of these vehicles and the iconic styling that can still be seen in many modern day Grand Touring vehicles, the Mercedes Benz 230SL was an instant classic in Europe. If you’re looking to buy a Mercedes 230SL, examples with both the removable hardtop and soft-top are desirable, as this is the way many of the SL’s were sold. There was also a 3rd variation, the “California Coupe” that came with the removable hardtop but not the soft-top. Instead, these models offered a drop-down bench seat installed in place of the soft-top. The California Coupes are the most desirable among the Mercedes 230SL series.

Looking to purchase a Classic Mercedes?

Purchasing a Mercedes Benz 230SL 1967 can be a very exciting yet demanding time, particularly because there were only 185 units produced and many of those did not survive. While approximately 19831 units were built over the lifetime of the 230SL, finding one of these desired 1967 models can prove to be a challenge.

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