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1961 Mercedes Benz 190SL

Perhaps one of the most impressive qualities of the Mercedes Benz brand is the ability to continuously produce luxury cars that appeal to a wide range of purchasers. Starting in May 1955, Mercedes was able to produce a sports car that was not only half the price of the very desirable 300SL, but was able to appeal to a clientele that was more interested in a stylish car than one of performance. With the launch of the Mercedes 190SL, European car enthusiasts were given the ability to own an instant classic. The 1961 Mercedes Benz 190SL, as well as the other year models produced from 1955 - 1963, was offered in 3 versions: a roadster, a coupe and the Tourensports-wagen. The Roadster was the traditional convertible model, while the coupe offered more luxury and the optional removable hard top. The most rare of the versions, the Tourensports-wagen was designed to be a more serious sports car, was lighter, and was equipped with windowless doors and a fly-screen.

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While approximately 25881 units of the Mercedes 190SL were produced, it is estimated that only half of these remain today. Whether you’re searching for a 1961 190SL for your everyday driver, are looking for a pristine example for your classic car collection, or simply want to get started on the restoration of a 1961 Mercedes roadster, the team at ER Classics are happy to assist you.

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