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1958 Mercedes Benz 220SE Ponton

Presented in September 1958 and entering into production shortly after, the 1958 Mercedes Benz 220SE Ponton has an interesting history that makes these cars desirable among classic car collectors. These cabriolets and coupes are often referred to as “Ponton” cars, which has to do with the front suspension sub-frame design. When it first came out, a witty German journalist likened it to a pontoon or bridge spanning the engine bay. The 1958 220SE Ponton was more adventurous in styling than the saloons. Convertibles and coupes of this series came with many options to choose from including fitted luggage, 2-tone paint, a front bench seat, and whitewall tires to name just a few. Interestingly, only 830 Ponton Coupes were produced from 1958 to 1960 and only 1112 Cabriolets were made during the same time. In total, 1942 units existed, of that number it is unclear as to how many exist today. If you’re thinking about buying a 1958 Mercedes Benz 220SE Ponton, you’ve come to the right place.

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Due to the rare nature of parts and materials for the 1958 Mercedes Benz 220SE Ponton, it is important to find the most complete example. One thing that buyers often overlook when buying is the windshield wipers; be sure that they work. These parts are difficult to find and are quite intricate. Also make sure the chrome is on the car, as the chrome pieces for these coupes and cabriolets can be very costly. Of course, as with all classic cars, you’ll want to make sure the chassis and engine numbers match. On these particular cars, the chassis number is also stamped on forked support above the plate and the engine plate is also stamped on the crankcase above the plate. The Mercedes 220SE models are also prone to rust, so be sure to inspect the car completely.

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