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1955 Mercedes Benz 190SL

The 190SL's make a great collector classic car and theyre relatively affordable. Produced by Mercedes from 1955-1963, the 1955 Mercedes Benz 190SL was praised by Road and Track for its design and workmanship. Available as a coupe with a detachable hardtop or as a roadster with convertible top. Although the car shared the same wheelbase with the Mercedes 300SL, a few Mercedes Benz 190SL components actually came from the 180 Saloon.

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Several modifications were made between the unveiling of the prototype at the NY Motor Show and the beginning of production in 1955. The first uni-body Mercedes used a steel chassis with aluminum hood, trunk lid and dash. Even with those aluminum pieces, the car weighed almost 2600 pounds. Many production changes were made during the 1955 Mercedes Benz 190SL development including, dashboard modifications, the clutch operating lever was modified, and the fuel filler pipe at tank inlet was cut off straight. For the coupe, the rear wheel arch eyebrows were fitted with decorative moldings, and interior door panels were fastened with clips instead of screws. These are some of the indicators needed to determine you have an original 1955 190SL when looking to buy a classic Mercedes Benz. To learn more about the Mercedes Benz 190SL, the team at ER Classics looks forward to assist you. Contact them today to learn more and to explore the classic cars available to you!

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