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1962 Mercedes Benz 190SL

Back in 1953, Maximilian Edwin Hoffman, the major importer of Mercedes Benz to the US in the 1950’s, recognized the racing successes of the Mercedes SL and insisted that those successes be put to use as an entry ticket into the US market. He left no stone unturned to persuade the board members in Stuttgart to bring the Mercedes 190SL into production. Hoffman had built a reputation for European cars in the US, and did so by introducing buyers to brands such as Alfa Romeo, Austin-Healey, Jaguar, Porsche, and VW.

Looking to purchase a Classic Mercedes?

The 1962 Mercedes Benz 190SL was the perfect sport touring car for those who could not afford the 300SL, but that could not resist the classic styling and exceptional craftsmanship of the Mercedes Benz brand. Much of this remains true to this day, as the 1962 Mercedes SL continue to be some of the most desired classic cars among the brand, next to the 300SL Gullwing. ER Classics recommends a thorough inspection of any 1962 Mercedes roadster you’re interested in. Buyers should pay particular attention to rust prone areas, the body and chrome work, and the overall mechanics if considering a restoration project, as the cost of restoration in these areas can be high. We can also assist potential buyers in finding fully-restored 1962 Mercedes Benz 190SL cars if having restored example is your desire. Only 2246 1962 Mercedes 190SL units were produced with approx 772 coming to the US and 1468 being non-US models. Rarity plays a role in finding a 190SL, as it is estimated that only half of the 190SL’s made throughout nearly a decade of production are believed to exist today.

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