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Jaguar E-Type Series II

Features of the Series II are: Open headlights without glass covers, a wrap-around rear bumper, re-positioned and larger front indicators and tail lights below the Jaguar E-Type 1969 bumpers, better cooling aided by an enlarged "mouth" and twin electric fans, and uprated brakes.

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De-tuned in US with twin strombergs and larger valve clearances, but still with triple SUs in the UK and the much tighter valve clearances, the Jaguar E-Type 1970 engine is easily identified visually by the change from smooth polished cam covers to a more industrial "ribbed" appearance. Late Series 1½ cars also had ribbed cam covers.

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The interior and dashboard were also redesigned, with rocker switches that met US health and safety regulations being substituted for toggle switches. The Jaguar E-Type 1971 dashboard switches also lost their symmetrical layout. Air conditioning and power steering were available as factory options.

Series II model years:
Jaguar E-Type 1969
Jaguar E-Type 1970
Jaguar E-Type 1971

Jaguar E-Type Series II

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