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1965 Jaguar E Type

The E-Type remained one of the most popular sports cars throughout the 60s and was driven by only the most elite clientele of the day. A 4.2 liter straight 6 cylinder engine, which was originally used in the Jaguar XK150, gave access to speeds of more than 150 mph. Some of the changes that were incorporated into the 1965 E Type included the generator being replaced by an alternator and the Lucas electrical system switching to a negative ground. The dashboard changed from aluminum to a black finish and more comfortable seats were added.

Looking to purchase a classic Jaguar?

Perhaps the best tip that ER Classics can offer is to purchase a car in the best possible condition you can afford. A relatively cheap E Type can quickly become a nightmare with problems such as rust, electrical systems and other issues. While it may cost you some extra money, hiring a 3rd party expert to inspect any potential purchase can save you a lot of money. ER Classics would be delighted to speak with you and to help you find the Jaguar E Type of your dreams.

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