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1958 Jaguar XK150

Produced from 1957-1961, the Jaguar XK150 was the 3rd and final iteration of the popular XK range of Jaguars, said to be the answer to competition from BMW and Mercedes. The 1958 Jaguar XK150 was available in 3 body styles: Coupe, Convertible and Roadster.

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While the Jaguar XK140 had a divided windshield, the Jaguar XK150 offered a single piece of glass. The Jaguar XK150 also featured red parking lights mounted on the top of the fenders. Roll-up windows, inside door handles, a leather-trimmed dashboard, and thinner doors make the interior cabin more comfortable and luxurious. Whether you're looking to buy a 1958 Jaguar XK150 in top condition or simply want a project to work on, ER Classics would be delighted to assist you in your search. Feel free to browse our online inventory via this website. Don't see the Jaguar XK150 you're looking for? Contact us to discuss your specific requests and to get started in your search!

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