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1951 Jaguar XK120 Fixed Head Coupe

In 1951 Jaguar created a XK120 closed coupe, the 1951 Jaguar XK120 Fixed Head Coupe or FHC. Considered much more luxurious than the open 2-seater Roadster, the FHC offered a full wood dashboard and roll-up windows. In 1951 the XK120 Roadster sold for $4039 USD, while the XK120 Fixed Head Coupe sold for $3850 USD. All models during this time also had removable spats, covering the rear wheel arches. The spats would be omitted if the car was fitted with the optional center-lock wire wheels because they did not give sufficient clearance. Other popular upgrades included moving to the Special Equipment version, which offered stiffer suspension, increased power and a dual exhaust system.

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Offering fantastic styling, performance and price, the XK120 FHC was nearly a 3rd the price of a Ferrari. Its a shame that the Jaguar XK120 FHC did not receive more attention. If youre considering buying a 1951 Jaguar XK120 Fixed Head Coupe, youll find a nice selection of classic Jaguar FHC models available.

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