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1955 Jaguar XK140 Roadster

The Jaguar XK140 Roadster was the 2nd generation of the legendary Jaguar XK120, and like many 2nd generation cars, it was all around an improved car. Heavily relying on styling influences of the prewar Bugatti models, the XK models are perhaps one of the most recognizable classic cars. Not only were these cars a success in England, but they found an eager audience in the US as well. Today, the XK120, XK40 and XK150 models are some of the most sought-after by classic car collectors. Throughout the Jaguar XK history, the Roadster has always seemed to emerge as the favorite. The 1955 Jaguar XK140 Roadster continues to be the dream car!

Looking to purchase a classic Jaguar?

The classic 1955 Jaguar XK140 Roadster is a great investment. In fact, the XK140 Roadster seems to continue to go up in value. It is important to find a Jaguar XK140 Roadster model that is in as best condition as you can afford. Also do a thorough inspection, perhaps through a 3rd party, that can authenticate the car too. These are just a few tips for the 1955 Jaguar XK140 Roadster that ER Classics can assist you with.

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