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1952 Jaguar XK120

The XK120 was never intended to become a volume production model. At the time of its unveiling in 1948, Jaguar had an engine it wanted to debut, but the large sedan for which it was intended wasnt ready. This car, the Jaguar MK VII would later appear in 1950. In the meantime, in a desperate attempt to stir up excitement, the XK Open 2 Seater Super Sports car was designed. Later named the XK120 due to its top speed of 120 mph, the Super Sports would be designed as a show car for the 1948 Motor Show. Using a shortened version of the chassis that was designed for the MK VII and the brand new Jaguar XK engine, the XK120 quickly turned heads.

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The Jaguar XK120 was an instant sensation. It was redesigned in steel, rather than the original aluminum body, so it could be produced on a production line. The 1952 Jaguar XK120 was available as a Roadster and as a Fixed Head Coupe (FHC). Today, both of these models are highly sought-after.

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