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Ford Mustang Cabriolet

The Ford Mustang Convertible debuted with moderate trim changes including a new grille, side ornamentation, wheel covers and gas cap. A cruisematic three-speed auto transmission became available for the 225 hp V8. The 289 "hipo" K code engine was offered with an automatic c4 transmission, it had stronger internals and a hipo automatic transmission can be identified by the outer casing of the servo is marked with a C.

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The long duration solid-lifter camshaft that allowed the high revving 289 to make the horsepower it was known for, was not friendly for a non stall speed automatic torque converter. With the valve covers off, there is a large letter "K" stamped between the valve springs, that along with screw in studs for the adjustable rocker arms. A large number of new paint and interior color options, an AM/eight-track sound system, and one of the first AM/FM mono automobile radios was also offered.

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It also removed the Falcon instrument cluster; the previously optional features, including the round gauges and padded sun visors, became standard equipment. The Mustang convertible would be the best-selling in 1966 with 72119 sold.

Ford Mustang Cabriolet

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