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Mercedes-Benz AMG

AMG is a company that focuses on optimizing the performances of Mercedes-Benz cars. The A in the abbreviation stands for the last name of the founder of AMG, Hans Werner Aufrecht. The M stands for the last name of Aufrechts’ partner, Eberhard Melcher. The G represents Aufrechts birthplace, which is Groβaspach. Mercedes-Benz and AMG started their collaboration in 1993.

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AMG began with designing and testing racing engines and eventually expanded into building custom Mercedes road cars. One of their first successes was in 1965, when Manfred Schiek won several races with the 300 SE engine that Aufrecht and Melcher had developed. In terms of racing, the first success of AMG was during the 24 Hours of Spa where the AMG Mercedes 300 SEL 6.8 was champion in its class and won second place overall.

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That victory resulted into the fact that the whole world got to know AMG. Since then, the performance technology of AMG became available in more and more Mercedes models. When AMG installed a 5.0-liter V8 in an E-class coupe, the company enjoyed worldwide fame.

Mercedes-Benz AMG

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