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Mercedes-Benz 230 SL

Production of the Mercedes-Benz 230SL began in June 1963 and ended on 5 January 1967. The chassis was based on the W111 sedan platform, with a reduced wheelbase, recirculating ball steering, double wishbone front suspension and an independent single-joint, low-pivot swing rear-axle with transverse compensator spring. The dual-circuit brake system had front disc brakes and power-assisted rear drum brakes. The Mercedes-Benz 230SL was offered with a four-speed manual transmission, or an optional, very responsive fluid coupled four-speed automatic transmission, which was popular especially in the USA. From May 1966, the ZF S5-20 five-speed manual transmission was available as an extra option, which was particularly popular in Italy.

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The 2.308cc torque was based on Mercedes-Benz' venerable M180 inline-6 with 4 main bearings and mechanical Bosch multi-port fuel injection. Mercedes-Benz made a number of modifications to boost it's power, including increasing displacement from 2.197cc, and using a completely new cylinder head with a higher compression ratio, enlarged valves and a modified camshaft. A fuel injection pump with 6 plungers instead of 2 was fitted, which allowed placing the nozzles in the cylinder head and "shooting" the fuel through the intake manifold and open valves directly into the combustion chambers.

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Mercedes-Benz Chief Engineer Rudolf Uhlenhaut, demonstrated the capabilities of the Mercedes-Benz 230SL on the tight 3-quarter mile Annemasse Vétraz-Monthoux race track in 1963.

Mercedes-Benz 230SL

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