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1963 Porsche 356

1963 was the last year of the 356 before the launch of the 356 Type C. This was also the last year to buy the Roadster body style. The 1963 Porsche 356 was available until July 1963. As part of the late Type B line, the 1963 Porsche had the T6 body type.

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Are you looking for a 1963 Porsche 356? Youve come to the right place for learning some valuable tips. Whether youre searching for a pristine Porsche 356, a restoration project or a daily driver, we can help you. As with all cars from the 60s, be sure to have the car inspected by a 3rd party. Always have the body checked for rust. Don't forget to listen to the engine, check that gears change smoothly, check oil pressure and watch for oil leaks.

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