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1954 Porsche 356 Pre-A

The Porsche 356 Pre-A is the model that distinguished the Porsche brand from the rest of its European counterparts. Running from 1949 to 1955, the Porsche 356 Pre-A would be the first of several distinct models including the Porsche 356A, 356B and 356C. Produced as a Coupe and a Cabriolet, the 356 would be offered as a Speedster during 1954 and later as a high-performance Carrera. Though the Pre-A models were quite raw, changes were implemented at a rapid pace and the 356 would evolve considerably before the Porsche 356A was launched. One of the most recognizable characteristics of a 1954 Porsche 356 are the turn signals, which were mounted on the front.

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There are some important factors to consider when purchasing a 1954 Porsche 356 Pre-A. ER Classics have been assisting buyers with Porsche 356 purchases for years and understand the important tips needed to ensure you’re buying the best Porsche 356 you can find. Rust is going to be your main culprit when it comes to the condition of the Porsche 356. These cars received no rust protection so most examples have varying degrees of damage. If you’re not interested in restoring the car, perhaps the best option for you is to find a model that has previously been restored. The advantage of purchasing a 356 is that the mechanics on these cars are generally reliable. They are also fairly easy to work on, so taking on a project in your garage is certainly doable for the average tinkerer. Keep these tips in mind as you begin your search. If you have any questions about the 356 Pre-A or would like to view any of the Porsche 356 models that are currently in our inventory, please do not hesitate to contact ER Classics today.

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