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Triumph TR3

The Triumph TR3 is a sports car produced by Standard-Triumph in the United Kingdom between 1955 and 1962. The facelifted variant, unofficially known as the "TR3A", went into production in 1957 and the final version, unofficially the "TR3B", was produced in 1962.

The TR3 was usually supplied as an open 2-seater with the occasional rear seat. Bolt-on steel hardtops were available as extras.

The car was powered by a 1991cc straight-4 OHV engine with 95hp initially rising to 100hp at 5000rpm. The four-speed manual transmission could be supplemented with an overdrive unit. In 1956 the front brakes were changed from drums to discs.

The wheels measured 15" x 4.5" wide, with optional 48-wires wire wheels. Wire wheels were usually painted. The front disc or drum brakes and rear drums had no pedal assist.

The weight was considerably more than that of the Morgan +4 and the "Bath Tub" (pre-911) Porsches, but not much more than that of the MGA and the MGB. All except the Morgan, which had the same engine, were considerably less powerful.

Although the car responded well in most conditions, there were a number of minor inconveniences. The chassis, which was also used for the TR2, TR3, TR3A and TR4, had limited suspension and the car was a bit high and narrow for a real sports car.

The TR3 is a true roadster, designed for sunny weather with detachable rain protection. It has a convertible top, removable side curtains and low doors with padding to rest your arm on.

13,377 examples of the original "pre-facelifted" TR3 were produced, of which 1,286 were sold in the UK, the rest were mainly exported to the United States.

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Triumph TR3

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