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Set Ascending Direction

  • €24,950
    overdrive, LHD in very good condition Ref.nr: t2451
  • €19,950
    in very good condition Ref.nr: t9005
  • €24,950
    Body-off restored Ref.nr: t0273
  • €24,950
    in beautiful restored condition Ref.nr: t1549
  • €19,950
    fully restored Ref.nr: t7821
  • €39,950
    very rare, in good condition Ref.nr: t5672
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  • €32,950
    Overdrive and revised engine Ref.nr: t6340
  • €44,950
    Overdrive, chrome wire wheels, Shoal Green Ref.nr: 1712
  • €46,950
    Small mouth, in excellent condition Ref.nr: 1654
  • €24,950
    In beautiful and very good condition Ref.nr: 1592
  • €39,950
    150 HP, European version, midnight blue, topcondition Ref.nr: 1574