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Ferrari 488

Ferrari 488

The Ferrari 488 is the successor to the Ferrari 458 and was first introduced to the market in 2015 at the Geneva Motor Show.

The engine of the 488 is a special one. It is a 3.9 liter V8 with two Twin-Scroll IHI turbos that produces 661 hp, and is known as the fastest responding turbo engine in the world. This is the first mid-engined Ferrari to have a turbo since the F40. This engine was also named Engine of the Year in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The 488 also has a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The top speed of the Ferrari 488 is 330 km/h where you fly to 100 within 3 seconds.

In 2018 the Ferrari 488 Pista came on the market. The 488 Pista is known as the lightweight version of the 488. The Ferrari 488 Pista is 90 kilos lighter than the standard 488. The power has increased to 720 hp, the 0-100 time has been reduced to 2.85 seconds, and the top speed increased to 340 km/h. Also arodynamically it has changed a few things. For example, the air intakes are designed differently and only cool the intercoolers. There are also valves mounted under the Ferrari 488 Pista that open at high speeds and function as DRS (Drag Reduction System).

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Finding a Ferrari that's right for you is priority number one. The search for your dream car often starts online. ERClassics has done everything it can to give you an idea of the cars, so every car on our own site is provided with a photo report, 360 degrees images, a video and background information about the car can be found. Would you rather view the car physically? Then you can visit our showroom in Waalwijk, the Netherlands. Check our website for opening times.

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All carss offered by us, including the Ferrari 488, are checked against a list with 125 points. This assessment is performed by one of our own mechanics. Delivering cars that are in perfect condition is of great importance to ERClassics. The cars offered by us are therefore of high quality. If you would like more information about maintenance on a Ferrar 488 or if you are wondering what mechanics in workshops do, click here.

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At ER Classics you can of course buy a Ferrari 488, but we also offer the option to sell your current car or to trade it in. If you would like more information about selling or trading in your car , please contact one of our experts. You can of course also visit our showroom to discuss the possibilities.

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Maintenance on a Ferrari 488

Of course every car needs maintenance, and it can sometimes happen that something needs to be repaired. It is no different for a Ferrari 488. Because you like to keep your ferrari in top condition, a good garage is important. Any garage can provide you with maintenance, but sometimes you just need that extra bit of specialism, then you can choose to take your car to a workshop where they focus on 1 brand or type of car. The mechanics often work with the same carss and have thus specialized in maintenance or repairs on those specific cars.


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