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Ferrari 348

The Ferrari 348 is a mid-engined, rear wheel drive V8-powered two-seat sports car, replacing the Ferrari 328 in 1989 and continuing until 1995. The 348, badged 348 tb (Trasversale Berlinetta) for the coupe version and 348 ts (Spider) for the targa version, features a normal 3.4-litre version of the quad-cam, 4-valve-per-cylinder V8 engine. As with its predecessors, the model number was derived from it's configuration, with the first 2 digits being the displacement and the 3rd being the number of cylinders. The engine was mounted longitudinally and coupled to a transverse manual gearbox, like the Mondial t. The "T" in the model name 348 tb and ts refers to the transverse position of the gearbox.

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The Ferrari 348 styling differed from previous models with straked side air intakes and rectangular taillights resembling the Ferrari Testarossa. The 348 was fitted with dual-computer engine management, double-redundant anti-lock brakes, and self-diagnosing air conditioning and heating systems. Models from 1993 and beyond have Japanese-made starter motors and Nippondenso power generators to improve reliability, as well as the battery located within the front left fender for better weight distribution. Similar to the Testarossa but departing from the 308 and 328, the oil and coolant radiators were relocated from the nose to the sides, widening the waist of the car substantially but making the cabin much easier to cool.

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The Ferrari 348 was equipped with a dry-sump oil system to prevent oil starvation at high speeds and during hard cornering. The oil level can only be accurately checked on the dipstick when the motor is running due to this setup. The Ferrari 348 was fitted with adjustable ride-height suspension and a removable rear sub-frame to speed up the removal of the engine for maintenance. This vehicle also served as a test mule for the Ferrari Enzo.

Ferrari 348

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