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Volvo PV544

The Volvo PV544 was manufactured from 1958 to 1965 by Volvo. The PV 544 was introduced while the Volvo Amazon was manufactured, which wasn’t the original plan. The Amazon turned out to be too luxurious and too expensive, which did not make the Amazon a successful successor of the PV 444. For that reason, the PV544 was produced. The Amazon Favorit eventually became the successor of the PV 544.

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The PV544 was available in three versions: Favorit, Special and Sport. In comparison to the PV444, the PV544 featured several upgrades. The Volvo PV544 included things such as a more modern grille and more modern technique. The car also had a wider front and back window and an improved interior.

Buying a Volvo PV544?

The car has, divided over the three versions, several engines. The B16A-engine has a cylinder capacity of 1580 cc, which appears in the Favorit and the Special version. The B16B-engine also has 1580 cc and is featured in the Sport version. The B18B-engine has a cylinder capacity of 1780 cc, which appears in the Favorit and the Special version. The B18D-engine also includes a 1780cc and is featured in the Sport version.

Volvo PV544

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