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Are you the owner of a Porsche? Or do you simply have a passion for this brand? Then a Porsche Club is for you. This is the place where you get in touch with everything about this brand, and the perfect place to share your passion with other members who feel the same about Porsche as you do.

What is A Classic Car Club?

A classic car club is a group of people who are passionate about a car brand or specific models and would like to preserve, protect and restore it. A club does this by organizing various technical activities, rallies, races, and other gatherings.

What kind of activities does a Porsche Classic Car Club do?

The purpose of a Porsche classic car club is to support members in preserving, enjoying, appreciating and protecting the culture and history of Porsche. The club does this through various events that are organized annually.

Become a member of a Porsche Classic Car Club

There are several Porsche classic car clubs. Some examples are:

  • Porsche Club Great Britain. The Porsche Club Great Britain, also known as the PCGB, was founded in the early 1960s. As of today the PCGB has become a very significant and loyal group of enthusiasts and brand advocates. Every year the PCGB organise hundreds of events for their members.
  • Porsche 924 Owners Club. The Porsche 924 owners club was established in 2006. Their clubs is focussed specifically on the Porsche 924. Their goal is to promote, celebrate and use these fantastic cars to their fullest. This is done through organizing varies events throughout the year.

Benefits of being a member of a Porsche Classic Car Club

There are many advantages to membership in a Porsche classic car club. Firstly, you come into contact with a large network of people who have the same, if not more, knowledge of Porsche who can help you keep your Porsche in top condition. You can also participate in various activities. The social aspect also plays a role. You can make many new contacts at the club.

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