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Do you own a Mercedes-Benz classic car at home, or are you a big fan of this brand? Then a Mercedes-Benz classic car club is for you. This is the place where lovers of Mercedes-Benz classic cars come together.

What is a Classic Car Club?

A classic car club is a community of people who share a passion for classic and vintage cars. These clubs aim to share their passion with each other and to preserve the specific cars in their glory.

What kind of activities does a Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Club do?

A Mercedes-Benz classic car club focuses specifically on protecting and maintaining old Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Members of the clubs share knowledge and experience with each other. The clubs regularly organize events such as fairs, rallies and workshops where its members display their vehicles. As a result, the love for Mercedes-Benz vehicles is shared.

Become a member of a Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Club

There are several Mercedes-Benz classic car clubs, some examples are:

  • Gull Wing Group. The Gull Wing Group is the largest 300 SL and SLS Car Club in the World. They have over 600 members in 22 countries spread all around the globe dedicated to preservation and care of the legendary Mercedes-Benz SL and SLS models. They were founded on June 16, 1961 by a group of eighteen driving enthusiasts.
  • The Mercedes-Benz Club. The Mercedes-Benz Club was founded in 1952, which makes it the first Mercedes-Benz Club in the world. The club was mainly founded by Ronald H Johnson his enthusiasm.

Benefits of being a member of a Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Club

many classic car clubs have contacts with suppliers and manufacturers of parts and accessories, making it easier to connect with them. A membership also offers the opportunity to build a network with other enthusiasts and experts in the classic car world. In addition, you will also receive an invitation to various events in which you can participate.

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