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Do you posses or just have a passion for classic Jaguar cars, and would you like to share this passion with others? Then a Jaguar Classic Car Club is something for you. In this place you will come into contact with people who have the same passion.

What is a Classic Car Club?

A classic car club is a group of people interested in classic cars of a specific make or model and their preservation. Members of such a club can come together for various activities organized by the club.

What kind of activities does a Jaguar Classic Car Club do?

A Jaguar Classic Car Club is an association that focuses on the collection and preservation of old Jaguar automobiles. The aim is to preserve and promote the history and legacy of these iconic cars.

Become a member of a Jaguar Classic Car Club

There are several Jaguar Classic Car Clubs, including:

  • The Jaguar Drivers Club. As a member of the JDC, you are part of an international community of people with a love of Jaguars and Daimlers. You don’t necessarily have to own a Jaguar or Daimler. When you share a passion for these cars you can join the JDC
  • Jaguar Enthusiasts Club. The Jaguar Enthusiast Club (JEC) was formed in December 1984 and grew rapidly. JEC works closely with Jaguar Land Rover (especially Jaguar Land Rover Classic) and has restored a historic Mark 1 and refurbished cars including the Series 1 XJ6 of Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons. JEC holds at least one major international rally per year and local regions hold their own rallies during the summer and also visit overseas destinations.
  • The North American Club for Jaguar Enthusiasts. Founded in 1955, the Jaguar Clubs of North America is the collective name for all Jaguar Clubs in North America. These clubs are founded for all Jaguar Enthusiasts members of the clubs can meet, exchange knowledge and experience about the maintenance and restoration of Jaguar classic cars, and organize events and rides together.

Benefits of being a member of a Jaguar Classic Car Club

Membership offers several benefits, including access to knowledge and expertise, access to a variety of events and rides, access to parts and resources, an extensive network of Jaguar brand enthusiasts, and support for preserving their legacy.

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