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Are you a big fan of the old-timers of the BMW brand or do you own one yourself? Then a BMW Classic Car Club is for you. Here you will meet others with the same passion, and who own a classic BMW.

What is A Classic Car Club?

A old-timer club is a place where people who share a passion for certain old-timers want to share this with each other. Some clubs focus on specific models while others are more general. The goal of a classic car club is often to preserve the splendour of these classic cars.

What kind of activities does a BMW Classic Car Club do?

Classic car clubs organize various events throughout the year. These include auto shows, trade shows, rallies and cruises, technical workshops and networking opportunities.

Become a member of a BMW Classic Car Club

There are many classic car clubs for BMW enthusiasts. Some of the more well-known ones include:

  • BMW Car Club GB. This is the official club for BMW owners in the UK. It hosts yearly events and rallies for its members.
  • The BMW Club. This club is open to owners of a BMW model, it does not matter which one. This club hosts events and provides technical advice to members.
  • The BMW E30 Owners Club. This club is dedicated to the BMW E30, which was produced from 1982 to 1994. There main goal is to preserve the E30 and enjoy its splendour.
  • The BMW 2002 Register. This club is only accessible for owners of the classic BMW 2002 car, which where in production from 1968 to 1977. They have their own newsletter, and they host several events and gatherings throughout the year.
  • The BMW E21 Owners Club. This clubs main goal is to preserve and admire the beautiful BMW E21. The club also helps with finding parts to restore your E21.
  • The Classic BMW Register. This club is for all owners of classic BMW models. Their main focus is to share their passion with all her members. This is done by hosting multiple events and gatherings for her members.

Benefits of being a member of a BMW Classic Car Club

There are multiple benefits associated with membership. You will receive an invitation to various events that you can attend for free or with a discount. You will also come into contact with other owners of a BMW from whom you can obtain spare parts or go for repairs. The biggest advantage is that you get to know people with the same passion as you.

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