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Are you a big Audi fan, or do you have an Audi yourself, and would you like to share your passion for this car with others? Then an Audi Classic Car Club is the place for you. At an Audi Classic Car Club you will meet people who have the same passion.

What is A Classic Car Club?

A Classic Car Club is a group of individuals who share a passion for owning, collecting, restoring and preserving classic cars. Some clubs focus on specific classic cars or  brands, such as muscle cars or Audi, while others have a more general nature.

What kind of activities does an Audi Classic Car Club do?

Classic Car Clubs host events such as auto shows, rallies and cruises, and may also provide resources such as technical advice and networking opportunities for members. Some also publish a magazine.

Become a member of an Audi Classic Car Club

If you want to become a member of one of the  Audi Classic Car Clubs, you can do this at various Audi Classic Car Clubs. A few of these are:

  • The Audi Quattro Owners Club. The Audi Quattro Owners Club is a club for everyone who shares a passion for all Audi Quattro. The club is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the Audi Quattro. Every year they host multiple events like car shows, rallies and track days to share their passion.
  • The Audi Club. The Audi Club is a club for enthusiasts of classic Audi cars. The main goal of the Audi Club is the preservation and restoration of the beaty of classic Audis, and of course enjoyment. The Audi Club organises multiple events every year. They also have a marketplace where you can buy and sell your Audi and also Audi parts.
  • The Audi Owners Club. The Audi Owners Club is a club for owners and enthusiasts of all Audi models, from the first auto union till their new electric cars. Their main goal is to bring people with the same passion together, and cherish their brand and amazing vehicles. 

Benefits of being a member of an Audi Classic Car Club

When you become a member of an Audi Classic Car Club, you come into contact with other enthusiastic members and owners of Audi models. This allows you to share your passion with people who feel the same about Audi as you do. You can also attend various events organized by the club for free or with a discount, where you can see all the splendor. Some Audi Classic Car Clubs also publish a magazine, which keeps you up to date with everything that is happening around this brand.

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