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The BMW E30 was produced between 1982 and 1994. It is the 2nd generation of the BMW 3-series. The first models used the two-door coupé body style, followed by four-door sedan models in 1983, convertibles in 1985 and station models in 1987.

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The E30 was the first 3-series available in station and four-door sedan versions. It was also the first 3-series with a diesel engine option. The four-wheel drive 3-Series was introduced with the 325iX model.

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In 1990 the E30 coupe models were replaced by the E36. The sedan production was ended in Regensburg on April 30, 1991 with a white one. Other variants were gradually reduced until the last E30, a Touring, was produced in 1994.

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