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1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider

In 1962, the Italian car manufacturer would update its Giulietta Spider and would call it the Giulia. For those who are new to Alfa Romeo collecting, you can easily distinguish a Giulia Spider from a Giulietta Spider by the hood bulge in the Giulia. The 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider fetches the highest price tag when in its best condition. Most people thinking about purchasing a 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider will accept a restoration car, as these classic cars are over 60 years old.

Looking to purchase a classic Alfa Romeo?

When purchasing a 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider, you should always look for rust. While mechanically the Giulia Spider is fairly easy to repair, the bodies of these cars can be rusted so badly that its not economical enough to fix. Spider models typically rust around the fender arches, the rocker panels and the floorpans. These are just a few tips for the Giulia that ER Classics has learned over the years. When you’re ready to explore the 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider cars available to you, dont hesitate to contact us today.

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