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Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is a well known car. Its roots started with the Fiat Topolino. The Topolino enjoyed so much success that Fiat started to design a successor. Eventually, Fiat came with two successors: the Fiat 600 which had room for four people and the Fiat Nuova which had room for two people. The Fiat 600 was a big success. The Fiat Nuova however struggled.

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The Nuova got a two cylinder engine in comparison to the four cylinder engine of the 600. The car’s speed was limited to 85 km/h, in order to make sure that the car did not go as fast as the 600. The interior of the Nuova was moreover lacking several things such as a fuel gauge. The power of the engine of the Nuova was a bit improved by Fiat after a few months, but that didn’t change the top speed of the car.

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In 1958, Fiat came with the 500 Sports that included a more powerful engine which could reach a top speed of 105 km/h. Only a year after that the ‘Tetto Apribile’ was manufactured. The Fiat 500 experienced more and more success.

Fiat 500

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