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Zoute Grand Prix 2026

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Zoute Grand Prix 2026

The Zoute Grand Prix in Knokke-Heist. This is an event often associated with a sophisticated or luxurious lifestyle where relaxation, class and sportsmanship are paramount. The most beautiful classic cars and modern cars pass by at this event. The Zoute Grand Prix is therefore also known as the international event for the most beautiful car brands.

During the Zoute Grand Prix, many different activities are organized such as a regularity rally, an auction, the 'balade', Ford GT tour, De Durbuy, and competitions and rallies. All these events are organized for about 250,000 visitors that the Zoute Grand Prix receives every year. The Knokke rally is one of the highlights for real classic car enthusiasts. This rally consists of 200 teams with all vehicles built between 1920 and 1965.

Opening hours Zoute Grand Prix 2026

The Zoute Grand Prix is held annually and has various events spread over a week. The Zoute Rally by Stow in Knokke-Heist is highly recommended for classic car enthusiasts. This rally for classic cars lasts 3 days, where you drive on a fantastic track from morning to evening. For more information about the different events and there timetables you can visit the Zoute Grand Prix website.

Entrance fees Zoute Grand Prix 2026

Admission prices vary per event, but you will spend between 30 and 80 euros for admission. However, these prices vary per day, and the same applies to the parking tickets. For a parking ticket you will lose between 25 and 50 euros per day.
If you are in possession of a modern car or classic car that meets the requirements of the rallies, there is also the possibility to participate in the rallies. To do this, you must register online on the website of the Zoute Grand Prix for the relevant event.

Go on a holiday to the Zoute Grand Prix 2026

The Zoute Grand Prix 2026 lasts one week. Since you don't want to miss any of the races, rallies and events, a well-deserved vacation is a good choice. This allows you to view each of the organized events and relax at the end of the day, by eating out or relaxing in your accommodation.