May 19 and 20 (Pentecost) SHOWROOM CLOSED

Veterama Mannheim 2022

October 2022

Classic Cars For Sale >

There are more than 4000 exhibitors from all over Europe at Veterama Mannheim who present around 500 cars and 4000 two-wheelers. This makes Veterama Mannheim the largest classic car market in Europe. At the fair there is approximately 15,000 m² of hall and 260,000 m² of outdoor space. This classic car exhibition offers the complete range for classic car enthusiasts, such as motorcycles, cars and tractors. In addition to the aforementioned vehicles, there are also young timers at affordable prices, whether it is a motorcycle or a car. A whole bunch of young and classic cars are offered for sale at Veterama Mannheim. The event takes place in October 2022.


In addition to the parts and vehicles offered by the more than 3000 stalls, you can also meet people here. There are many countries that negotiate with each other, such as the Netherlands, Latvia, England, Italy, France, Finland, Poland or Sweden until the price is right for both parties. Every enthusiast or collector of classic cars will find the right vehicle or part at Veterama Mannheim.


The exhibition has long opening hours so that you can take a look around. The entrance fee costs € 15 for adults and for children up to 15 years it is free. Parking costs are € 5. The address is Ilvesheimer Str. 26, 68526 Ladenburg, Germany.