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Veterama Hockenheim 2026

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Veterama Hockenheim 2026

Since 1975, Veterama has developed into Europe's largest market for classic cars. Every year they attract more than 4000 exhibitors from all over Europe and about 5000 visitors. At the fair you will meet many collectors who are looking for spare parts or complete cars. Veterama Hockenheim is the location for finds of long-sought parts and vehicles.

Opening hours of Veterama Hockenheim 2026

The Veterama Hockenheim 2026 takes place in April, and starts on Friday and ends on Sunday. However, on Fridays you can only enter with a premium ticket. All in all, you still have 2 days, and therefore enough time to look around and enjoy all the beautiful things Veterama Hockenheim 2026 has to offer.

Veterama Hockenheim 2026 entrance fees

The price for a day ticket is between 10 and 15 euros for adults. Children under 15 and people with disabilities have free access. You can also choose to buy Premium Tickets and/or Combi Tickets. All these tickets can be ordered online. Are you coming with your family? Then there is the possibility to buy a family ticket, but you can only buy it at the box office when you arrive at Veterama Hockenheim 2026.

How to find Veterama Hockenheim 2026

It is very easy to get to Veterama Hockenheim. You can choose to park your car at the station and then continue your journey by public transport. This will drop you off 500m before the fair. You can also choose to go with your own car, then you can park your car in one of the many parking spaces. You must buy a parking ticket for this. Finally, there is also the possibility to spend the night at Veterama Hockenheim on the campsite.

Go on a trip to Veterama Hockenheim 2026

Since Veterama Hockenheim takes place in the southwest of Germany, it is not an option for everyone to travel up and down. Therefore, choose to go away for a nice weekend. This way you don't have to worry about traveling and you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings during the hours that you are not at the event.