May 19 and 20 (Pentecost) SHOWROOM CLOSED

Veterama Hockenheim 2020

April 4 + 5, 2020

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Since 1975, the Veterama has developed into Europe's largest market for vintage cars with more than 4,000 exhibitors from all over Europe and around 50,000 visitors. It is a great success every year in Mannheim in the second weekend of October and attracts many collectors who are looking for coveted parts and vintage cars.


Due to the busyness and high demand for parts, Veterama has decided to also hold a trade show at the beginning of the year, namely the trade fair in Hockenheim. This will take place in April 2020. This is where amateur collectors come together who want to empty their basement or store with regard to parts and vintage cars, which is why this exhibition is the ideal platform. They would like to sell this to you at a good price. The professional dealers complete the range and help you to get original parts.


The admission price for adults is € 12 for a day and € 25 for all 3 days. With the wide opening times you can look around and enjoy all the beauty that Veterama has to offer.