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Retro classics Bavaria 2026

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Retro classics Bavaria 2026

Retro classics Bavaria is a classic car fair that is held every year at Nürnberg Messe. Many national and international car manufacturers are present at the fair. Here they present the most beautiful classic cars, and motorcycles to the real enthusiasts. You can not only view the vehicles presented at this fair, but you can also buy them.

In addition to buying and viewing vehicles, Retro classics Bavaria offers you much more. You can also buy clothes, art works of cars, furniture and parts. There is also a possibility for the real car enthusiast to race sim. It allows you to race online with real sports cars.

Opening hours Retro classics Bavaria 2026

This old-timer fair is held every year in the autumn, around December. The fair is then open from Friday to Sunday from morning to evening. Due to these extended opening hours you have enough time to enjoy all the beautiful things that Retro classics Bavaria has to offer.

Entrance fees Retro classics Bavaria 2026

The entrance fees for Retro classics Bavaria 2026 may differ. For example, a standard day ticket costs on average between 20 and 25 euros. However, you are cheaper when you fall under Happy Hour. These are the day tickets of people who come after 2:00 PM. You are also cheaper as a family. The prices for this are between 40 and 45 euros per family. Finally, as a student, pensioner, pupil, a child up to the age of 15 and someone with a disability, you also receive a discount. These tickets are between 15 and 20 euros. You can also save money by buying the tickets online. The prices here are lower than when you buy a ticket at the box office, and it saves you waiting time.

Parking at Retro classics Bavaria 2026

On the site of Retro classics Bavaria there is a clear description of how to get to the fair by public transport. If you want to come by car, there are more than enough parking options. The fair has approximately 14,000 parking spaces available. You must then purchase a parking ticket of 10 euros.

Go on a trip to Retro classics Bavaria 2026

Retro classics Bavaria is a three-day event. Of course you don't want to miss any of these days. This makes Retro classics Bavaria the perfect option for a weekend away. You can then enjoy the fair and everything around it at ease, and you can also enjoy the area around Nürnberg Messe.